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Alternative FOGG Device Process

Below you will find a list of process and applications required in order to install an above slab FOGG Device.

Please verify call requirements and procedures with mentioned departments. 

A building permit is required by Clark County Building and Fire Prevention Dept.


CCWRD - Clark County Water Reclamation District 


1. Customer needs to submit to the District the following stamped by a Nevada Registered Mechanical Engineer

  A. Two (2) complete sets of plumbing plans

  B.  Building site plan.

C. A written, signed statement from the customers Nevada registered Mechanical Engineer stating all reasonable engineering options have been considered and structure cannot connect to an outdoor gravity interceptor.  

D. Nevada Registered Mechanical Engineer confirms structure in which the food establishment will be located was constructed prior to March 6, 2018.

E. Nevada registered Mechanical Engineer confirms the structure in which the food establishment will be located was previously occupied. 


2. Customer completes and submits SR-17 waiver form and CCWRD explains to customer property owner's responsibility and customer responsibility. 

3. CCWRD approves form, stamps plan and returns plans to customer. 


1. Customer needs to get approval from SNHD on location of alternative device. 

CCB & FP: 

1. Customer submits approval letter from SNHD to CCB & FP. 

2. Customer submits Two (2) complete sets of plumbing plans, stamped by Nevada registered Mechanical Engineer with CCWRD's - "No Objection"  stamp to CCB & FP. 


CCB = Clark County Building & Fire Prevention. 

SNHD = Southern Nevada Health Department. 

CCWRD = Clark County Water Reclamation Dept. 

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